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Basic Knowledge: Everyday Racism

Last year I had a heated discussion with my uncle about racism. He didn’t understand why the N-word is no longer used. I explained it to him and he understood. Racist statements do not always arise from extreme intolerance and mere evilness, but often from pure ignorance and lack of education.

My uncle is like many Germans: grew up on the countryside, hardly knows any black people and has never dealt with the issue of racism. „Basic Knowledge: Everyday Racism“ I made for people like him. For people who are not aware of how everyday racism still exists today and who lack basic education about it.


„We live in a world where being white is the norm. We are all racially socialized.“

– Rose Kapuya

„You don’t get rid of racism just because you claim not to be racist.“

– Alice Hasters

In „Basiswissen: Alltagsrassismus“ you will find on 24 pages a very compact basis, a small summary of everything everyone should absolutely know about racism. Due to its handy format of 10x10cm, the vivid illustrations and as little text as possible, „Basic Knowledge: Everyday Racism“ is probably one of the easiest non-fiction books to read. 
The book is possibly the beginning of a basic knowledge series. „Basic Knowledge: Feminism“ is already in planning.

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