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There is a closet in every hotel room. But honestly, who hangs their clothes on the hangers for two nights? The „Hänger“ is a practical companion for short city trips. During the trip you enjoy the advantages of a backpack, which does not interfere with longer walks. Once you arrive at the hotel, you can hang it on the clothes rail in three quick steps and it‘s as if you‘ve put your closet away.

I made the first prototype from roughly woven cotton, straps, fabric and leather scraps, metal elements from an old backpack and the linkage of two broken umbrellas.

step 1 - during the day

During the day, the functionality of the backpack completely recedes into the background, making the hanger appear more like a casual accessory than a functional piece of luggage.

step 2 - transformation

Arrived at the hotel, the telescopic rods are crossed on the back and secured in the tabs so that the bottom of the backpack does not give way. 

step 3 - in the closet

The zippers are pulled all the way open, the lid is unfolded and hung on the clothes rail just like the hanging strap along with two integrated hooks.

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