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Reasonable Products

About 50 kg/m² of man-made waste currently pollutes the earth’s surface. Plastic makes up a large amount. The material which we know as climate polluter par excellence. In fact, plastic is not the problem, but our questionable way of dealing with it. Hardly any other material can be recycled as well as plastic. In order to fight global warming, we urgently need to learn how to deal with materials in a sustainable way. „Reasonable products“ in terms of resource-saving production and choice of materials can help us build a rational relationship with products. In the long term, they can motivate us to consume sensibly, to repair products when they are broken, and to separate waste.

„Plastic is a brilliant material.
But our relationship with it is trash.“

– Maikel Kuijpers

Pavillon Redesign

To illustrate the effect of „reasonable products“, I redesigned a tent pavilion in a more ecologically sensible way:
plastic is only used where its material properties are needed. Where no special attention to detail is required, the material properties of wood –
a regrowing resource „is sufficient“.
All plastic components are made of recycled materials with the help of the Precious Plastic machines. The total weight of the construction is less than 2kg.

By prioritizing an ecologically sensible choice of materials, the result is a 4-arch construction for the sake of stability. Several pavilions can thus be easily connected to each other. In case one of the 1-m-long rods gets lost, it can easily be replaced by another one from the hardware store next door.

Industrial design must lead people to conscious consumption instead of consciously forcing them to consume.

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